A Reflection On My Writing Essay

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A Reflection on My Writing

The journey through language and literature has always been an intriguing one for me. It is for this reason that I chose English as my major. It seems that every teacher or professor that I have had, has always been able to pinpoint one specific element in my writing that I need to work on. This has not been a negative thing by any stretch, because with each passing semester there is an element of my literature that will be perfected for the next. This is the wonder that is English, and the reason for my passion in this subject area.

In this class I have really learned to use a different level of thinking in my papers. Teachers often have complemented my ability to prove a point with the spoken word, but always offer advice when referencing my ability to compel by the written word. My first lesson in Literature was to bring myself down a level. I used to have an opinion, and write it, never citing or backing it up. My teachers taught me to incorporate others opinions into my own, explaining that until there is a credit to my name, no one is concerned about my opinion without someone credible backing it up. I took that knowledge and used it, learning to be an aggressive researcher, never resting until I have exhausted all sources.

Then I entered introduction to literature 132, and this is where I had to learn to take that ability to the next level. There would be no more leaving quotes wandering, never introduced, or turning my paper into a commentary on someone else’s quotes. I learned to effectively use quotations and research, and still keep my Identity as a writer. This was a prodigious step, and one I will ever be purifying.

“Write a Thesis driven paper,” this was by far the most valuable lesson that I learned in my writing. I had always tried to make sure my paper was tied together, and retained its persuasiveness and relevance throughout; however, there was no method that I could have come up with that was as effective as those words. Now, every time that I pen a paragraph, I think those words. Reading my first paper of the year, and then my last, the difference is ever so clear. The thesis actually carries throughout, ending up at a beautiful conclusion, that miraculously relates back to the thesis. It is a beautiful method, and a valuable lesson, and I am glad that I was able to incorporate it into my writing.

On a greater scale than this classes contribution to my writing, was its enrichment of my literary analysis. I have always enjoyed criticizing literature. I love the critical thinking, and extricating the meaning from a line of words. It is so...

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