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A Reflection On Selected Woman In Mathematics

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Florence Nightingale David was born in Ivington, which is a small town in England. Her parents were both teacher directors teaching in elementary school. Florence had completed school and graduated with a major in math from Bedford College for Women. She always wanted to become an actuarial, but back then they didn't really accept women into society just yet. Woman back then were always discriminated and even though she found a job of becoming an actuarial she was then rejected, after that she kept on going and never gave up.
Eventually, she taught Statistics at the University College London, While she was persistent in her studies in Statistics. Then Neyman, who was also a mathematician; who stood firm about Florence achieving a Doctorate. She was then endowed with a Ph. D in the year 1938 and carried on with teaching until the beginning of WWII. She was rewarded as a professor of Statistics and she had received recognition. Then from there she continued on with schooling at California.
During 1968, she was the Chair of Statistics and she had earned her place. Other mathematicians were trying to bring her down, but she had fought them back with every power that she had. Plus, on top of what she had succeeded to do she had become an emeritus professor around 1977 in California. She then continued on being a specialist with the United States forestry Service. Awards were given to her such as Teaching Award from University of California and the Elizabeth L. Scott Award. At the age of 83 she died of lung cancer at her home in California.
Mina Spiegel Rees, a women from Cleveland, Ohio born on August 2, 1902 and died on October 25, 1997. She had grown up in New York City and had gone to Hunter College High School and graduated 1923. From then on, she had proceeded with her studies at Columbia University where there wasn't much luck for her.
When she had begun her studies at Columbia University she had taken courses for mathematics. Mina then decided the she wanted to receive a doctorate in Mathematics, but that wasn't really an option for her to take. Columbia wasn't really absorbed or fascinated by the face that women in general are the right contenders for this position. So, then she just decided to get a Masters Associates Degree.
When she had completed those steps she went back to Hunter College High School and she is now a teacher. Never had she stopped right there with her studies, but she had kept fighting in order for her to get her Ph. D. So, she had left her teaching career and from that point on she attended University of Chicago in 1929. Then while it was 1931 she had graduated with her doctorate for a proposal.
She was then promoted to another opportunity with Mr. Dickson, he was one of the professors at the University of Chicago. Sadly to say that she failed to take advantage to be in the NRC postdoctoral fellowship. Then again she was a professor again at the Hunter College and also including the fact that now she is a ...

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