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A Reflective And Comparative Study Of The Oppression And Persecutions Toward Roma In History

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It can be conjectured that the consistency of oppression and persecution toward Roma throughout Europe in history has led to this treatment being considered admissible. The well-documented history of oppression shares numerous resemblances to the treatment toward the Roma today. Roma are driven outside of civilised society and forced into living conditions that border on destitution. Despite the fact that such conditions are involuntary, Europe’s right-winged media groups willingly broadcast the Roma in a negative light, thus perpetuating the stereotype. With the law systems in many of these countries providing insufficient rights to the Roma people, Roma often find themselves vulnerable to ...view middle of the document...

That aside, it has been recognised that the conditions in which Roma are forced to live are likely to result in a mass migration of the Roma people into the Western parts of Europe.

When it is considered the dilapidation and unappealing facade that is the average Romani home, the conditions in which the Roma are forced to live appear all the more lamentable. Whether they be living in the ghettoes or in communal shacks outside the city limits, the Roma are, in the majority of cases, not even privileged to basic amenities such as electricity or sewerage. In this destitute state, Roma children are denied the right to even a basic education, while adult men and women are often not given the opportunity to work and thus are forced into criminal activity to survive. From what was once their home within the city limits of Pata Rat, Romania, more than 1500 of these Roma over the last 15 years have been exiled to what is literally a garbage dump outside the border. Taking this concept one step further, the Slovakian government commissioned the construction of wall barriers in some of its cities so as to separate Roma from civilised society. Despite being forced into such living conditions, Roma remain accused of having tarnished the image of many European countries. Britain takes particular apprehension to this threat towards Western Europe, concerned that the Roma will do unto Britain as they are said to have done to Eastern, Central, and Southern Europe.

These views held by the United Kingdom are likely the result of the right-winged politics and stereotyping that plague the European media. As is generally the case with broadcasting, politics and media play a key role in controlling the collective opinion taken by European society of the Roma people. In particular, the Romani government has been accused of upholding a right-winged agenda that employs a strong and racially discriminative representation of the Roma, its views being broadcast repeatedly throughout the equally right-winged media almost as if to publically justify government views. The media’s portrayal of the Roma people, and the amplification of details relating to Roma-related crime, greatly influences the opinions European society has of Roma and their lifestyle, and with politics and media...

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