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A Relationship With Nature: Romanticism Essay

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Nature has been celebrated so much through art, photography, poetry and other literature that many people see that it is a norm to associate nature and beauty. These artists use their talent to reveal the interpersonal connection that they have with nature.
Towards the end of the 18th century, Romanticism arose as an intellectual movement in reaction to the Industrial Revolution, which focused on the scientific reasoning of nature. Romanticists believed in nature as a foundation of celestial emotions and thoughts that brought about a sense of peace, tranquility, and renewal, instead of the unnatural feelings and visions depicted by the new technologically advanced world. This revolt against the scientific view of nature was mostly portrayed through visual arts and literature, in which artists and philosophers placed a strong emphasis on the eminence and beauty of natural surroundings.
However, some literary poems that illustrate Romanticism’s mystical view of nature fail to acknowledge the involuntary complexity of nature and its effect on people. If humans are believed to exist in harmony with nature, it is a wonder how some people admire nature and its beauty, while others despise it. In any situation, the outcome is a product of the person’s attitude towards the situation. Just like with nature, the same environment exists around people, regardless of how they choose to interpret it. Nature is an uncontrollable force that has no apprehension of its effect on man’s welfare. Therefore, it can be either soothing or calamitous.
In Robert Frost’s poem, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, there is a conflict that results from the speaker undergoing a seductive pull toward the woods and a depressing pull of responsibility that is awaiting beyond the woods. This is greatly compared to the conflict that came between the Romantics and those that supported the Industrial Revolution. To the Romantics, the Industrial Revolution is what created all of these responsibilities and obligations in the first place. Civilization and new technological advances began to hinder nature’s ability to provide a peaceful environment.
Critic Floyd Watkins suggests that, “This poem hardly defines the attempt to communicate with the ultimate; but much of its beauty derives from the concreteness with which Frost embodies the mysteriousness of the ultimate in the dark beauty of a silent natural world.” This “silent, natural world” that Watkins speaks of confirms that nature can be a calm, soothing force that serves as an escape from everyday life. The speaker in Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is on a journey and although he has many “promises to keep” and many miles to go before he reaches his destination, he is enticed into stopping in the woods that are “lovely, dark, and deep” to embrace the beauty of the feathery snowflakes that are falling. The speaker clearly has an unobjectionable attitude in relation to nature. His tolerable mind-set is what allows him...

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