A Report On The Gmd And The Chinese Civil War

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Year 12 History Research AssignmentSynopsisThe long hard struggle for China, the Chinese Civil War was a very costly war with a long awaited prize at the end of it. The many years of struggle, life and money that went into the war was huge. At the end of it a result for the people something they had been waiting for along time.Search'From Manchu to Mao A History of Modern China' by Koutsoukis - This was a well written book had relevant information and used modern language. The info in this book was much better then the others.Britannica - Sometimes a little too much information to fend through but all in all at times very useful.Mao and the Struggle for China By Heinemann - Very useful well written with sources to back up. Enjoyed using this book was second to the first mentioned.Wikipedia.com - Was average, had some good information much of it is all the same on the internet didn't really enjoy using it good for pictures and that's about it.Answers.com - Was a copy paste of Wikipedia with different pictures again average good for pictures that's about it.Introduction:A Civil War is a conflict between two political or military factions within a nation, to gain political control of that nation. The Chinese Civil War as a conflict between two political parties within China where many lives were taken and resources wasted when really there is a lot more to the war then that. There were a number of events and circumstances that lead up to the civil war and these areas throughout the assignment will be covered. The Chinese Civil War also known as the Nationalist-Communist Civil War was a conflict based in China between the Guomindang's (Chinese Nationalist Party aka GMD) and the Communist Party of China (CCP). The conflict began in 1927 shortly after the Northern Expedition where both parties worked together to get rid of the warlords, feudalism and imperialism. The feud between both parties ended in 1949 with an unofficial end put to hostilities. The civil war had great significance to Chinese history as it set the path for which government would control over China.Guomindang-Communist Co-operation (First United Front) and the Northern Expedition.After the 1911 revolution many of the revolutionaries lead by Sun Yat-Sen continued a democratic revolution, unfortunately the revolution did not succeed. The CCP saw Sun's actions and helped him through direct aid by sending some of their best members to help.Sun, leader of the Guomindang turned is efforts to western nati ons for help, he was ignored. Sun after being rejected asked for aid from the Soviets in 1921. The Soviets suggested Sun to join forces with the CCP, The CCP were under orders to co-operate with the GMD, it's members were encouraged to join but to also uphold their party ideologies. This was the first step in forming the First United Front between the GMD and CCP.Once allied the Soviets enforced that the GMD be restructured, The "new" GMD had a formal decision making process, higher...

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