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A Report On The History Of Dance.

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History on DancingThe word Renaissance means "rebirth". It refers to the rediscovery by scholars (called humanists) of the writings of the ancient Greeks and Romans (COMPTON'S). In fact, the Renaissance was a period of discovery in many fields, such as new scientific laws, new forms of art and literature, new religious and political ideas, and new lands, including America. The rest of my paper will focus on my guild, dancing, and some stuff on William Shakespeare.In Renaissance time dancing was regarded as an essential social skill. Many dances were written down, making it possible for us to dance today. Dancing was very important in many ways. When they danced in partners they got to meet people and interact with their partners. Most events in the Renaissance time include dancing and balls were held to show off wealth and power (Monahin). New dances traveled from country to country and that's why so many French and Italian dances danced in England. Dancing played a big roll in many Renaissance theatrical productions, such as the English Masques (it elaborates dances-music-and-theater). In the play the dancers wore masks and this helped keep their identities under cover. Like in Romeo and Juliet in helped the Montagues enter the Capulet party unrecognized (Monahim). When men wore weapons with their costumes it wasn't really unusual, in fact one sixteenth century dance teacher warned men that attending a party and not having their swords handy could mean "endangering their lives." (Monahim). Shakespeare used many different dances in his plays but he never knew what dances he was using. Every dance that he used went with all his plays and the dialogues and action in them. Symbolism in dace was common all over the world. Dance was also used to suggest a description of harmony. The music that dancers used is just based on how fast or slow the dance actually is.William Shakespeare wrote thirteen comedies, thirteen historical plays, six tragedies, four tragicomedies, one hundred and fifty four sonnets as well as three long poems...

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