A Study Of Aboriginals Written As If I Was Part Of The Time (First Person) In The Form Of Journal Entries

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The Diary of Sarah BradleyDiary Entries from 1788-178910/04/1789- I am on a boat. A huge sail boat with hundreds of people. The people that are accompanying me are all colonists as am I. Not long ago Charles Sturt and his companions discovered Wiradjuri. That's where I am headed. Originally it was thought Wiradjuri was deserted but Captain Sturt soon discovered of Ape like people "living" there. When Sturt saw these people he had no way of describing them at first. They had no clothes on and were showing their naked bodies to each other. They were black and dirty. He wasn't sure if they were apes or human beings. I am excited to visit this place but also am scared as I have been told they have killed people with spears and other weapons. I truly can't wait. Only 1 more day until we arrive. I have to go now but tomorrow I will tell you more about what is happening. Goodbye.Sincerely Sarah Bradley11/04/1789- We have almost arrived! People are getting awfully excited but it's quite peculiar the way they are acting. I think their scaredom has gotten to them. Anyway as I promised, WHAT IS GOING ON?? Charles Sturt discovered an island and now we are going to live on it. The say the land is terra nullius - land for the taking, land belonging to no-one - but we know there are natives living there already. They have an extremely different society to us. They don't have houses, farms, crops or any fencing to mark each others territories. They obviously have no laws as you see them running a round with spears killing animals and humans. Of course we have retaliated shooting them with our guns every time they harm one of our people. Of course how am I to know this is true? How am I to know any of this I'm telling you? All I know for certain is I am going to a new island and that is how Charles Sturt has described. For what I know it could be a place set up just like Britain. Or maybe there are natives there but they are nothing like how they were described to us as. And of course it IS possible that Sturt has told us the absolute truth but I won't know until I arrive which is in approximately 5 hours. I am scared a bit though. I will be living with all these foul convicts but then again there are some very rich people with me. There are many more women, some babies and a lot of men. Well I'll write again tonight just to say how things got on arriving. Goodbye.Sincerely Sarah Bradley11/04/1789- We arrived late this afternoon. We were greeted by white settlers. We went where we were to set up camp and pitched our tents. I put my bag in and un-rolled my sleeping bag. Once my tent was ready daylight was near gone. I grabbed a torch and decided to wander off. Luckily no-one noticed because I didn't want any company. I wasn't ready for these judgmental peoples opinions on the Aboriginals, I wanted to see for myself. It was about a 2km walk until I saw a tribe. It was already dark and there they were, hugging their families around a camp fire. They were singing and...

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