A Study Of Bladerunner Essay

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A Study of Bladerunner

In June of 1982, Warner Brothers released the highly anticipated
Harrison Ford film Bladerunner. The film was directed by Ridley Scott,
who earlier had a hit with Alien. Both films are science fiction
films. The characteristics of the science fiction genre are quite
broad. The main things science fiction films have in common are things
such as the technology being far superior than today e.g. flying cars
and bizarre, otherworldly imagery. However, Bladerunner also has
elements of a film noir love story and detective films to set it apart
from other science fiction films. Unfortunately, the film failed
miserably at the box office, contrary to most people's expectations.
It was not until years later, that the film had such an enormous
impact on the public, and a cult following grew around the film. It is
thought this was because of the fact that a lot of people had home
video players. Multiple versions of the film appeared and in 1992 the
"Director's Cut" was released. This is the version that I have studied
for this essay.

The film is loosely based on the novel by Philip. K. Dick 'Do Androids
Dream of Electric Sheep?' Bladerunner is an old fashioned detective
story, set in Los Angeles of 2019. However, the L.A we see is nothing
like the L.A we would have expected. Our expectations of L.A is a warm
and sunny city with beaches. It is also where Hollywood is. What we
see is a complete dystopia where things are have gone terribly wrong.
Rick Deckard is a former detective brought in for one more job when
one of his ex-partners is murdered. Deckard is a Bladerunner, a
specialist in tracking down and 'retiring' (euphemism for killing)
replicants on the run. This is ironic because Deckard is brought out
of retirement to 'retire' others. Replicants are genetically
engineered beings, who are so human that a machine has to be used to
differentiate between the two, and are used for labour to build
off-world colonies for humans to live on. A group of replicants, of
the top of the Nexus 6 range, have arrived on Earth and it is
Deckard's duty to 'retire' them.

Ridley Scott made this film for many reasons. One of the reasons was
that, Scott was trying to expose the problems in store for us in the
future. The film makes us ask ourselves

'What if there was something superior to humans? Would we still be in
control?' Another question posed would be 'What if there was an
international nuclear war?' The film also shows the possible problems
with pollution such as animal extinction and problems with the
relationships between different life forms. The dangers of nuclear
warfare and what scientists are doing are also shown.

Scene 1 'Eye on the city' is quite shocking for the viewer. First, the
viewer sees a high wide screen shot of a nightmarishly industrialised

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