A Report On Business Applications Of The Focused Topics Covered By The Course Introduction To Psychology

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A Report onBusiness Applications of the Focused TopicsCovered by the Course Introduction to PsychologyPrepared For:Ms. Jasmine JaimCourse InstructorIntroduction to PsychologyPrepared By:Ratul Saha (1386)S.M. Belal Uddin Shuvo (1387)Asif Mahmood Alam (1389)Abdullah Al Faysal (1393)Md. Zahidul Alam (1807)Batch - 19thDate of Submission:October 02, 2010.Institute of Business AdministrationJahangirnagar University
Transmittal Letter

October 02, 2010Jasmine JaimCourse InstructorIntroduction to PsychologyInstitute of Business AdministrationJahangirnagar UniversitySubject: Submitting the report on business applications of the covered topicsHere is the report on business applications of the focused topics covered by the course Introduction to Psychology which you asked us (students of 19th batch) to prepare.By studying & analyzing the focused topics of this course we have prepared this report. This report discusses the business applications of the topics learned from the course introduction to psychology.We are very thankful to you for giving us this opportunity to practice and enhance out analytical skills. We hope this report satisfies all the basic criteria's you are looking for.Sincerely YoursRatul Saha (1386)S.M. Belal Uddin Shuvo (1387)Asif Mahmood Alam (1389)Abdullah Al Faysal (1393)Md. Jahidul Alam (1807)19th Batch,Institute Of Business Administration,Jahangirnagar University

At first, we must show our gratitude to Almighty Allah for giving us energy and capabilities to prepare this report.Then we would like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to my Course Instructor Ms. Jasmine Jaim, Lecturer, Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University for her guidance and assistance to complete this report.Our sincere gratitude to all the people of the Institute of Business Administration of Jahangirnagar University including our teachers, our group-mate, our friends and classmates and other officials for their support and help.
Table of Contents

Executive Summary









Purpose of the Report















Definition of Psychology



Introduction to Psychology



The Subfields of Psychology: Psychology's Family Tree



Psychology's Key Issues



Gesalt Psychology



Humanistic Perspective of psychology



Psychological Research



The scientific method



Archival Research



Naturalistic Observation



Survey Research



Case Study
Correlation Research
Experimental Research



Sensation and Perception






Absolute Threshold



Difference threshold and weber's law



Sensory adaptation



Perceptual Organization and feature...

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