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A Report On Network Security Based On The Text: Ahuja, V. (1996). Network & Internet Security. Massachusetts: Academic Press Inc.

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A secure network is critical for the survival and success of many businesses. The rapid evolution of client/server networks, the phenomenal increase in the number of networks attached to the Internet, the widespread use of web browsers, and the growing commerce on the internet each require that communication networks are secure. Security concerns for private networks as well as for the Internet range from exposures to computer viruses to break-ins by an intruder on the Internet.The purpose of this book was to present the concepts in security and describe approaches to securing the networks. It introduced the risks to networks, followed by a review of basic security concepts such as passwords and encryption. For each concept, the book also provided an overview of the existing and emerging technologies. In particular, it focused on various security aspects of attaching to and communication over the Internet.This book serves the growing need to understand and enhance the security of networks. The audience for this book is the computing professional who has the need or desire to understand the risks to networks and the approaches to addressing them.As networks grow in size, so do their risks. Network growth has vastly exceeded the corresponding improvements to ensure network security. Info processing entered the business world in the 1950s. However, the third-generation computers, such as the IBM System/360, became the turning point in our transformation to the current age of information technology. The first signs of networking appeared in what was then called "time-shared systems." Some of the early operating systems that also supported time sharing were IBM's System/360 Model 65 and IBM and Honeywell's GECOS. By the end of the 1960s, keyboard terminals and peripheral equipment had taken hold in numerous data processing installations. Next, the users on different time-shared systems wanted to communicate with each other. The time was ripe for the birth of networking.During the same time, research had started in the area of resource sharing, under the auspices of the then known ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency, Department of Defense) network. ARPA network started in 1968 with four nodes. The objective of the project was to achieve resource sharing, but it also yielded some of the groundbreaking technologies such as packet switching, packet routing, and flow control. During the 1970s several networking architectures were developed to incorporate the same concept. The primary goal for these architectures was to define a common set of protocols that allow useful data interchange between communicating devices. During the 1970s, it became obvious that there was a need for high-speed local interconnection and data exchange between several devices. The term "local area network" or LAN was coined in the mid-1970s. A LAN can be viewed as a collection of interconnected devices that can interchange data among themselves. The communication medium for the...

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