A Report On The Equal Employment Legislation In Australia. Evaluates Case Study With Regards To Discrimination And Harassment. Statistics And Recommendations Outlined

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYAll organizations must effectively meet Equal Employment Opportunity legislation in the workplace. This report will examine the central ideas of the concepts and components of EEO. It will also provide detailed information on the rights of an employee to a safe and discrimination-free working environment and why discrimination still continues to exist. Statistics will be examined to provide ample evidence of the effectiveness of the EEO legislation. Specific recommendations will also be made to outline how the EEO situation can be improved. Through the key theme of Industrial relations, the report was written for the case study as there has been an increase in concern about social equity in the workplace.1.0 INTRODUCTIONEqual Employment Opportunity has become an integral part of the work system in Queensland. The EEO policies affect many Acts that exist in a workplace. The legislation aims to address issues of discrimination and harassment. Also employees have certain rights to ensure they are treated fairly and equally. If discrimination and harassment does become apparent in the workplace, employers need to review their policies so these behaviours will cease to exist.2.0 FINDINGS2.1 Equal Employment OpportunityEqual Employment Opportunity (EEO) aims to ensure workplaces are free from all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment. The strategies aim to redress past disadvantages by improving employment outcomes for women, Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders, people whose first language was not English and people with disability. This is accomplished through programs and policies which increase the capacity of these groups to compete for employment opportunities.EEO addresses the issue of discrimination which can have a detrimental effect on people's conditions of employment. By implementing EEO policies, a business has to ensure that all people have the right to be considered for any occupation which they are qualified in, and that the person will be judged for the job on the basis of merit.2.2 LegislationEqual Employment Opportunity legislation covers discrimination in the workplace and promotes equality of opportunity in employment. This means a job must not be refused, nor a person dismissed from a job, on the grounds of race, colour, gender, political opinion, religion or ethnicity.Many terms and conditions of employment are set down in legislation. The Acts governing the terms and conditions of Queensland employees are summarized below:Legislation Terms and ConditionsWorkplace Relations Act 1997 (QLD) Protects employees from being paid below the minimum award wages set for their industryProtects employees against unfair dismissalProvides a framework for cooperation between employers and employees within the workplace. It places the responsibility on them to make agreements about terms and conditions within their own environment and to use the Industrial Relations Commission only when an independent umpire...

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