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A Report On The Issues Surrounding The Green Revolution

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The Green Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, with its package of improved seeds, farm technology, better irrigation and chemical fertilizers, was highly successful at meeting its primary objective of increasing crop yields and food supplies. In Asia, where the Green Revolution package was the most widely adopted in areas of China and India, food production increased substantially in those decades but despite all this, famines and world starvation are still the norm in many parts of the world. Here one must ask a fundamental question, if there's more food being produced in the world then ever before, why is it that there's a continuing increase in poverty and starvation? The fact is that the revolutions leaders did not take into account the culture/geography of theses different nations, the expenses of this new technology, and the massive corporate abuses that where to occur in the development of biotech research.In Africa, where post Green Revolution technology has failed to improve conditions there, people simply did not look at the history and culture of the land. Even the World Bank concluded in a major 1986 study of world hunger that "a rapid increase in food production does not necessarily result in food security-that is, less hunger. Current hunger can only be improved by redistributing purchasing power and resources toward those who are undernourished". (Lessens) In other words the poor don't have the money to buy food, increased production is not going to help them and even those that can afford the crop don't want it because it is foreign to the culture of African society, they "traditional, are large consumers of maize" and do not like this new grain."Introducing any new agricultural technology into a social system stacked in favor of the rich and against the poor, without addressing the social questions of access to the technology's benefits, will over time, lead to an even greater concentration of the rewards of the rich from agriculture, as is happening in the United States."(Lessons)According to Business Week magazine, "even though Indian granaries are overflowing now", thanks to the success of the Green Revolution in raising wheat and rice yields, "5,000 children die each day of malnutrition. One-third of India's 900 million people are poverty-stricken." Since the poor can't afford to buy what is produced, the government is left trying to store millions of tons of foods. Some is rotting, creating a large concern that the rotten grain will find its way to public markets. "More than 60 million tons of excess, unsold food grain rotted in India last year because the hungry were simple too poor to buy it."(India) The Green Revolution approach does nothing to address the insecurity that lies at the root of high birth rates and can even heighten uncertainty of the future, it cannot buy time until population growth slows. In there report Business Weekly concludes that, "a narrow focus on production ultimately defeats itself as it destroys...

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