A Report On The Proficiency In Standard English For Speakers Of African American Vernacular English (Aave) Program.

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Ebonics have gained prominence in the American education system. However, ebonics continues to receive mixed responses from the academic communities. The following bill proposes the "Equality in English Instruction Act." The bill would require the State Department of Education to immediately terminate the proficiency in Standard English for speakers of African American Vernacular English (AAVE) program, which is encouraging the teaching of “ebonics” or street slang in our schools. The bill would prohibit the state, its subdivisions, and local government agencies, including school districts and community college districts, from expending state funds or resources, or applying for federal ...view middle of the document...

“Bad grammar”, is an unacceptable term from a linguist’s point of view, all languages are logical and AAVE grammar is rule governed. Lisa Green of the University of Texas points out that to define AAVE we make use of feature lists such as multiple negation, third person singular -s but in reality the above mentioned features are misinterpreted as the syntactic and semantic component of AAVE follows a set rules in forming sentences such as the aspectual be sequence and other.

• In reality the bill advocates the "separate but equal" philosophy.

As sensitive and broad-minded educators, teachers have to understand that the children belonging to the African American community carry with them a heritage and identify consciously or unconsciously to the form of English language that they use while growing up. Ebonics ensures that there is a smooth and sensitive transition in using English form for the children that have a difficulty with their personal identity. Prohibiting provision of AAVE instructions in schools instills an inferior feeling into African American children and they will begin to see that society is seeing them with a negative attitude.
To suggest that AAVE form is wrong or worse is to suggest that something is wrong with the student and his or her family. The...

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