A Reflection On High School Essay

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Cedar Eileen CodyMr. MostollerEnglish 5-64/12/12"Bump… Bang," then the uproar of laughter. Yeah, I fell down the stairs. I would love to tell you that didn't happen last year, but, alas, it did. And it happened in front of half the school. Luckily, in my junior year no such type of horrifying public accident has happened… yet. We all think about how much different our lives were a year ago. How different we were, how different school was, how different our friends were, and maybe even how different what we believed in was. But, do any of these thoughts really hold water? Aren't we the same person as we always have been? Does anyone really change? Everyone is looking for the answer and I just might have found the answer.As a person, I realize that people do change. People have to change who they are based on their environment. We're like chameleons, constantly doing everything we can just to blend in and go with the flow. Sophomore year, I had no clue what I was doing. My grades were a mess and I was just too lazy to care about fixing them. I maintained not to have F's so I could perform in the plays, but that's all I cared about. I had dreams but I wanted them to fall into my lap. I didn't want to put in the work to make them happen. "I will be an actress. I will live in New York City. I will die making my father proud. I will, I will, I will…," I said. These were the dreams that I expected to come to me, but I was wrong. So, this year, I can happily say I am working hard. I am doing my absolute best so that everyone knows that I have a dream, and I'm willing to fight for it. I definitely have changed my point of view. I see the value in school. I have become aware of the importance of being a student and learning. That change has become very valuable to me.Within my friends, every single one of them has changed. Whether it's in appearance or personality, I can tell you that everyone has changed in some way. A person who I had labeled best friend for life; I don't even...

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