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Abraham Lincoln, arguably the best United States president, was said to have bouts of depression during his presidency. Whether it was the death of his youngest son Tad or the United stated falling apart at the seams Abraham Lincoln had a lot to contemplate. Did these bouts of depression hamper his ability to be president or allow him to separate himself from others and think about the problems facing America without any distractions? Not everyone had to deal with the same issues Abraham Lincoln but many go through experience to cause depression or low mood through out their life. Although some people consider depression to be a mental disorder, depression, or low mood, is actually beneficial in the fact that human ancestors were depressed in order to stay healthy, in order to cope with unpropitious situations and individuals with depression are highly analytical.
In order for human ancestors to survive, it benefitted them to be depressed when danger was lurking around them so they would not be exposed to it. Depression is processed in the brain very similar to when someone get injured in the fact that there are increased immune inflammatory responses. An inflammatory response occurs when the brain or body has negative feedback, and with the inflammatory response the body tries to fight the negative response by making chemical reactions in the brain to fight counter the negative responses. With depression the brain feels a threat from the social world so the brain does everything to combat the danger. Dr. Charles Raison from the department of psychiatry in the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona states “Moreover, social withdrawal and reduced exploration might have also promoted individual survival by limiting a sick person’s contact with immunologically dissimilar out-group member…”(Raison 25). Creating a bulwark from the outside world made it so the human body would not come in contact with...

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