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A Study In Scarlett Essay

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There has been no fictional character more intensely revered, scrutinized, analyzed, and adored than the legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes. The creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this cold and calculating master of deduction made his first appearance in A Study in Scarlet and has sleuthed his way into the worldwide canon since. A Study was a huge leap forward in the detective drama genre, bringing with it exciting new ideas and plot possibilities. Conan Doyle wove complicated back stories, logical feats, and complicated criminals together into a story that rivaled the pace of a midnight chase down a London alleyway. Though, while Holmes’ scientific mastery (and social inadequacy) is the dazzling coat draped over the story, the true heart of it comes from the characters. Jefferson Hope, the disillusioned and heartbroken killer, spins the reader’s moral compass in a couple of confusing directions. And of course, the most famous friendship that has ever graced a page or screen, that between Sherlock Holmes and his loyal, admiring, and brave army doctor, John Watson. At first glance, this story appears to be a detective story, but in reality it is a story about a detective.
A Study in Scarlet begins with John Watson, the narrator, describing his background as an injured Afghanistan veteran who is returning to London without friends or family and trying to eke out a calm existence after the calamity of war. He runs into his old friend, Stamford, who sets him up with a potential flatmate…one who he warns Watson in the next sentence may be a little eccentric. Indeed, when the pair first meet, Mr. Holmes is in the middle of some ungodly experiment, glances Watson up and down, determines his entire recent history, and gives him an address. They prove to be compatible living companions, their dynamic I will explore later, and soon the action picks up when Sherlock informs John of his unusual choice of profession. He is a consulting detective, the only one in the world, who helps out Scotland Yard when they’re completely lost. And lost they are in this story, finding a man murdered in a locked room, poisoned, on top of a wedding ring, with the German word for revenge, RACHE scrawled on the wall in blood. Holmes quickly deduces who they are looking for in the murderer, and is on the case, with an admiring Watson at his side. Another man is found dead soon after, stabbed in the heart, with the same word scraped above him. After analyzing the crime scene, Holmes puts up an auction for the found wedding ring, and follows the person who buys it to lead him to the killer. He eventually deduces that this murderer is Jefferson Hope, a man whose true love had been taken from him in an act of cruel circumstance and was exacting his revenge, which will later be further analyzed. Hope eventually dies in prison of an aneurism, before going to trial. After it is all wrapped up and done, Sherlock and John have developed an incredibly strong bond, one which John was...

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