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A Research On Public Relation Essay

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table of content: What is public relation, managers and specialists, elements of public relation, research management and evaluation, the target audience, crisis management.This research was required by the instructor to be done through internet sites without using books. The sites that were viewed and used are noted down if more information were needed about th subject. Good amount of work was put to complete th research. I hope it will attract your attention. Thank you very much.TABLE OF CONTENT. Introduction : What is Public Relation. Public Relation's manager and specialistsPublic relation managers and specialistsSkills required by public relation practinier. Elements of Public Relation. Research , Measurement and Evaluation. Research : Primary and secondary researchQuantitative and Qualitative rsch. Setting Objectiveswhy set measurable objectives?Set measurable objectivesTieing Objectives to Measures ofProgram SuccessEstablish ObjectivesCreating Measurable PR ObjectivesThe Evaluation research questionCreating Measurable PR ObjectivesThe Evaluation research question. The Target AudienceWho is the Target Audience ?Social and interpersonal influencesSituational influencesWhat is Media RelationsRules For Working With TheNews MediaShape Your MessageTools for Reaching Your AudienceUsing the Web to reach major audienceMeasure effectiveness of WebCreate a Web Site. Crisis ManagementWhat is Crisis?Crisis managementStart an approachCreate a crisis management approachEstablish a crisis centerMeasure results in crisisMeasure effectiveness during crisisSites...

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