A Study On Whether Sleep Quality Has An Effect On Mood And Cognitive Function.

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AbstractThe purpose of the study was to investigate how sleep quality affects our cognitive and psychological well-being. The study had 100 psychology students from Monash University (50 male, 50 female) who were all in their second year of their studies. Participants were given 4 test scales PANAS for measuring mood, KSS for sleepiness, DSST and TMT for measuring cognitive function. They completed the scales when they had a good night sleep and again when they had a bad night sleep, by either timing themselves or selecting the appropriate word describing how they felt at the time of doing the test. The results indicate that when a person has a good night sleep they tend to function cognitively well and will be in a good mood as compared to when they have had a bad sleep. Some of the implications of the study are that if a person has a lack of sleep they will have difficulty in focusing and performing well.According to Durmer and Dinges (2006), sleep deprivation has resulted in people not being able to accomplish their tasks during the day and it experienced by most people globally. Sleep is when a person abandons their companions, work, and play and rests their thoughts. (Swan et al, 1997). When a person is deprived of sleep it means that they do not get enough time to sleep by either sleeping late or not sleeping at all. Several studies on sleep deprivation have indicated that sleep deprivation has a negative impact on mood, cognitive performance and motor function due to an increasing sleep inclination and destabilisation. (Durmer & Dinges, 2006).Deprivation of sleep has led to profound deficits in cognitive performance and this is evident in many adverts shown to people, for example not to operate machines or drive when a person is sleepy. The first experiment of cognitive performance effects of sleep deprivation on humans was reported in 1896 and ever since this time studies have been to measure behavioural changes associated with sleep have been performed. Almost all forms of sleep deprivation result in increased negative mood states which include feelings of fatigue, irritability, anxiety, depression, sleepiness and confusion. (Walker, 2009)Swain et al (1997) in their study predicted that sleep deprivation can lead to emotional disturbances, high level of anxiety and depression. They further stated that the poor quality of sleep has been related to difficulties in performing memorisation, visuospatial and attention tasks. One interesting point from past research suggests that mood and cognition were more affected by partial sleep deprivation than total deprivation. The partial sleep deprived performed two standard deviations below the total sleep deprived. (Baruch & Peretz, 2005). According to Wolfson and Carskadon (2003), cognitive performance becomes worse when the time on the task is extended which will be a classic fatigue task effect that is made worse by the sleep loss. The present study shows the same results, that the...

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