A Research Paper About Edith Wharton's Short Story "The Other Two" Examined From A Feminsit Perspective.

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Feryal Salem Al-AteeqiDr. Keneth Payne308 Research Writing in Literature10 Apr. 2010Phenomenally She is a WomanI will examine Edith Wharton's short story "The Other Two"(1904), as a product which am consuming. Therefore, I will analyze and take out of it what I need only. And this will go through a Feminist perspective on reading and evaluation of Wharton's "The other two". Interestingly, this short story is a product of Ediths own background and her past experiences with men. So, in this paper, I will employ feminist theory in analyzing Mrs.Waythorn's treatment of both marriage and divorce.Edith Wharton at her early years, specifically at the age of 21, was involved in a relation with a Harvard graduate lawyer. There relation was described as closer to be the ideal couples for one another. He supported her talent in literal writing. But, he never proposed and they broke-up soon. Then, Edith got married to Edward Robbins Wharton, who remained her husband for the rest of her life. However, their marriage lacked passion and chemistry between two couples. He did not share Edith's interest in literal work.In her short Story "The Other Two", She used the images of behavior to support the message she wanted to deliver for us the readers. The story follows the hegemonic society pattern and basically revolves around society's expectations, patriarchy, women in marriage, and what after divorce. Particularly the aspects that I need in-order to establish the link between feminist theory and Alices attitude and behavior through marriage and divorce.Alice is kind of a reflection of Wharton herself. She stands against society's limitation and ideologies, confidently by marrying three times. In such an experience, she gains more knowledge of men's personalities and a better insight into the art of dealing with the opposite gender. Actually, she is challenging herself and the society when she marries more than once; which the latter is courageous action by her, especially in the late twentieth century. She live in a time where the society abuses women's absolute privilege. Through that serial marriages, she improved herself and used the past experiences as a mean of reaching higher and higher in the stairs of stable and successful relation.Mrs. Waythorn has two major roles in the story, the mother and the wife. As a mother of a past marriage daughter, surely she struggled to play her role as caring worried mother and a recently married wife. This heavy burden affected her performance as mother because her concerns and worries of meeting the X-husband has taken over her as she was in tension. But as a wife, she was trying the best to maintain calm and avoided panic as possible.On the other hand, Mr.Waythorn was in a honeymoon coma. He...

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