A Research Paper On Bullying

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Research paper: Bullying
Bullying has become a public and immense problem in the local society. The majority of the people do not consider this theme as a crucial topic, however there has been serious consequences that surprised the world and allowed them to be shocked. I wholeheartly believe that people should be more familiar with this topic and professional when they are actually undergoing the phenomenon. What essential aspects of Bullying should people know in order to fulfill my goal? First,what is bullying? , where does bullying result from? , how do you prevent them from happening?, and lastly what are the consequences of bullying.
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This certain type of bullying can help form an habit to the offenders which can be a vital flaw of their future. Additionally, there is prejudicial bullying this is considered when one has prejudices against race, religions and sexuality. This can happen involving every type of bullying, one interprets with another’s different point of view from other people and singling them out just because they are different. This includes racial jokes and sexist jokes. Lastly there is sexual bullying this is considered to be the most brutal of all and it is very important that people find an antidote to this problem. Sexual bullying consists humiliating and harassing them with sexual gestures or words. This can lead to sexual assault which is when you literally “rape”somebody. Sexual bullying includes touchingone’s body, commenting about one’sappearance and sexual propositioning. It is mostly acted out by boys who are in puberty and they cannot control their feelings and their curiosity about sex.

Why does bullying occur, in my opinion this is the most controversial question among young people since there are so many reasons that allows this to happen. Because of this it is very hard to prevent bullying because of the absence of knowledge of where it originated. Despite this Australianresearchers found out that there are some distinguishable facts that the people bullied have in common. They are when one feels disconnected from school, different in personality, low self-esteem, and displaysvulnerability. Of course these characteristics of a person can besomehow irritating and unacceptable. However it is also one’s duty to assist disabled people and adjust to people who are different in some way. Not only there are characteristic of the people who get bullied but also there consists some crucial aspects of the offenders as well. These are having excessive amount of self-esteem, lacking the ability to control their emotions, and having eloquence which they use to make them out of trouble. Bullies and victims usually experience inadequate amount of time with their parents, therefore lacking self-control. When these characteristics...

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