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A Research Proposal On The Study Of Market Potential Of Fast Food Restaurants In India

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A Research Proposal on Study of Market Potential of Fast Food Restaurants in India

This proposal is aimed at conducting a research on the market potential for Fast Food Restaurants Services in India. It will be mainly focusing towards understanding the importance of various factors affecting the choice and the need of fast food outlets by Indian young consumers. Also, it aims to study the consumption pattern towards fast foods particularly with respect to the frequency of visits and choice of fast food outlets. It aims to study the impact of hygiene and nutritional value of fast foods on consumer purchase decisions. These services may provide an opportunity to develop a niche market. This proposal aims to study the feasibility and practicality of implementing this idea.
According to the research paper by Anita Goyal & N.P Singh, “Consumer perception about fast food in India: an exploratory study”, average young Indian consumer always bears a passion to visit fast food outlets for fun and change although home food is his first choice. India is a diversified country with different regions and states following different food practices rendering food diversity as an implicit characteristic of the nation. As per, India’s fast food industry is growing enormously at a CAGR of 40%. The entry of multinational fast food outlets like McDonalds, Subway, etc has revolutionized the industry in its own way. According to the survey carried out in the study among the population of age group 20-27 years, it was found that the emergence of traits of independence in their eating habits, nutritional education, divergence of food preferences at home and at fast food outlets and ambience of place for socializing affects the visit and liking of fast food outlets. More than 80% of the consumers were of the view that fast food outlets should specify hygiene conditions and maintain the hygiene characteristics. A survey of more than 9,000 consumers nationwide in US has shown that about 25 percent of those who eat fast foods and drink sugary, carbonated soft drinks generally consume more calories, fats, carbohydrates, added sugars and proteins than those who do not. (Bowman, 2005). Lately, in the Indian context, according to a recent news article, Indians are facing a problem of obesity and among the kinds of food responsible for the same- fast food is one of the top few.
This explains why the quality and the variety of the food must be carefully considered and priced for economic viability, profitability and return on investment on a fast food business. Since consumers visit for fun, change and entertainment, in order to be acceptable to...

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