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A Response To An Article Titled "A New Improved Me: Now Appearing Everywhere"

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In the article " 'A New Improved Me': Now Appearing Everywhere," the author, Erica Goode, reports that people tend to think of themselves as "better" when compared to others, including their past selves. Researchers believe people think this because "it makes people feel good about themselves." Much evidence points in this direction because extensive research has been done on this psychological topic. I feel that over the years I have become a better person, but this article made me think twice about that. I now see a resemblance between the way I see myself and the subjects of the studies.Naturally, people mature over time. But in order to do so, one must have a positive self-image. This image, ...view middle of the document...

It's just a game." The subjects of the research, like myself, assumed we became better people but in fact remained the same. Why did we assume this? This is simply because it makes us feel better about ourselves. Ironically, I feel badly about myself now because I see there has been no significant change. This proves as even more evidence for the researchers' work to be true."In another study, the subjects were asked to rate themselves on 10 attributes, using a scale from 0 to 10. Two months later, they were asked to rate themselves again, and also to remember what they were like two months before and to make similar ratings." In this test, researchers found that "the self-ratings they gave at the end of the study were in fact lower than the ratings they had given themselves two months earlier." The subjects told the researchers that they had improved, but the results said otherwise. I find this funny because the subjects must have felt like idiots, but this study also made me strongly agree with the psychologists and researchers in that people believe they are better when they are really not.Convincing yourself that you are always improving is a process everybody goes through, after all nobody is perfect. Psychologists such as Dr. Ross and Dr. Wilson have concluded that individuals benefit from criticizing a distant, earlier self. Therefore, one should not think he is arrogant or conceited because that would have a deleterious effect. The "Lake Wobegon Effect" has been proven to promote a better self-image, which makes humans stronger as well. Hopefully, we will continue to improve as people, even if it requires us to see positive illusions.

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