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A Response To Aristotle's Politics, Stating That All Mankind Is In The Pursuit Of Some Good.

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Mankind's underlying lifestyle"All associations are instituted for the purpose of attaining some good" (375). In agreement with Aristotle, I believe everything as we know it, is formed, is said, and is carried out, with some extent of good in mind. Another way of putting this would be that the ultimate end goal of human existence is happiness. By saying this, he has come to say that no body goes into any action that may be a malicious event just for doing an intentional evil, or badness. One might say that a person does a good deed, because he/she sees it as good, but if one does an evil deed, that they do not perform the evil deed as a way of being bad for the sake of being bad, but instead they see it as something good, which will eventually have a good outcome. I find Aristotle's view on this topic to be rather true and very accurate. It is all a matter of perspective and judgment.Furthering the discussion on partnerships and associations, Aristotle asserts that all such affiliations, like all deliberate human acts, are formed with the aim of achieving some good. The different kinds of associations that exist are founded on diverse relationships. The basic unit of association is the household, the next is the village, and the ultimate association is the city, toward which end humans, seeking to attain the highest quality of life.Focusing on the household, Aristotle identifies the three kinds of relationships within: master-slave; husband-wife; and parent-child. Aristotle views slaves as the means by which the master secures his livelihood. He defends slavery by noting that nature generally consists of ruling and ruled elements: some people are slaves by nature, while others are masters by nature. It is thus unjust to enslave, through war or other means, those who are not slaves by nature. Although I understand Aristotle's point of view and pondered on it for a while, I disagree greatly in that I don't believe in enslaving any people. It is unjust and immoral.However, in part, I agree with him while he states that the relationship between body and soul are intertwined. Without one or the other, humans would not hold and be as complete or as strong as it could be. Connecting this to slavery, Aristotle describes the relationship between master and slave, saying that the master possesses rational, commanding powers, while the slave, lacking these, is fit only to carry out menial duties.Next, agreeing with Aristotle's view of acquisition, there must be a distinguishing factor between natural and unnatural acquisition. Different people go about satisfying these needs in different ways, depending on their mode of life: some are farmers, some...

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