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A Response To “Mass Media And Its Influence On Society.”

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According to Raja Mujtaba, the author of “Mass media and its influence on society” (2011), nowadays, in this information age, the media truly affects our lives in both good and bad ways depended on the motive and types of media. Each of the types contains difference effects to people in all ages. However, all the impacts have raised awareness and need to know the current information in order to make decisions for their lives. People in different ages and positions will be influenced in distinct ways. Therefore, this essay is a response to Mujtaba’s work on the article above, which I agree with his aspects on the influence on adolescents and violence in media. However, I disagree with his viewpoint on the influence of media on public opinion.
Firstly, According to Mujtaba (2011), the media plays a lot important roles on youngsters and teenagers. It can shape the adolescent’s behavior into having either good or bad personally.In my opinion, teen’s minds can easily influenced by the advertisement since it plays with the teenager’s desires to be good-looking and accepted by the others and the media itself creates the concept of those needed. It tells the viewers what do they have to buy to be admired by society. For example, an advertising campaign of Thai’s whitening lotion’s brand offers a scholarship for Thai student who has the lightest skin (Bangkok Post, 2013). In my viewpoint, this advertisement represents the society’s perspective in look since most Thai people consider fair skin as a sign of cleverness. It can be implied that the more fair skin a person has, the more educated she is.
Moreover, the media has a negative influence that affects adolescent’s health in both mental and physical, as it always presents the models who appear to be really thin. Thereby, most teenagers believe that skinny is an ideal of beauty. This dangerous idea can lead to eating disorder, anorexia and depression (Curtis, 2012).For me, it can be implied that media plays a big part of our decision, it creates new social value and becomes the tool for people to judge each other.
Another viewpoint of the article to discuss is about violence in media that can have a negative influence to society as the media always displays violence and bad behavior as entertainment. In my opinion, violence should not be viewed as something fun and amuse. I believe that in long-term, this kind of entertainment can affect people’s perspective, especially, in adolescent. According to American Academy of Pediatrics (2012), harmful media can raise the fear of being the victim of violence which affects child’s behavior to appear as mistrust, paranoia and self-protective. The other children may view violence as a powerful way to solve the problem. Therefore, they may understand an act of violence as an acceptable behavior and more likely to develop an aggressive behavior. Hence, children who view too much violence will have higher chance to...

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