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A Return To The Stygian Essay

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It was a searing afternoon in Los Angeles. The gusty winds blew dirt over creating clouds of fog, peering into people’s eyes, creating an intimate irritable sensation; sinking through the skin like acids. It was one of the many ordinary and mundane workdays that people looked forward to. At Union Bank, a peculiar meeting was occurring, Marshall Alcott, an ex-mafia enforcer from Syracuse, Sicily whom was also a formal army Colonel from the United States during the Mushroom War, a battle between the European Concordat and the United League, in 2015 which ended in the late spring August 27th 2019. It left the half the world in rubble and toxic fields, radioactive chemicals lurking around the ...view middle of the document...

Confused and mesmerised by this, Dwayne had the feeling of leaving; but Marshall Alcott led him to one of the cubicles and said “Press the marked tile and flush at the same time.” Peculiar, as he touched the germ infested tile and the rusted handle of the flush, a moment of being squashed and meshed led to what seemed an advanced future room. Clink’s and clank’s echoed throughout the hall. Marshall Alcott soon arrived with a crack standing besides him. It was a glorious sight; but Dwayne was attracted to the bunch of people that was standing by an object in which he could not describe. They went into the board room, meeting General Rutusky briefing him on the task ahead. The Native Nerve Transfer is like a time machine which sends the candidates to a certain time period; however it must be only in the past. Muddled by this, Dwayne was starting to question why he was chosen as a candidate for this mission. General Rutusky said he was the ‘key’ to the success of this mission: to ‘undo’ the Mushroom War. A bewildered reaction was given, this seemed very flattering to Dwayne. They were then hooked on to the Native Nerve Transfer System. They were in an isolated room, a cold gloomy place. A helmet-like object was placed on their heads and they were straight to sleep. Their minds were still intact and they saw colours everywhere. A voice started to emerge, General Rutusky and said “The system will be set in 10 seconds”. The 10 seconds shifted the colours in place and started to see objects. They were floating and hit the ground unexpectedly. A headache was felt by Alcott and Dwayne. They were now in Washington D.C. on July...

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