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A Review And Evaluation Of A Literary Text Chosen By The Student For An Audience Unfamiliar With It. Steinbeck The Pearl

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-meant to be a short reviewJohn Steinbeck's "The Pearl" said to be "a brutal story with flashes of beauty" by the author himself, is a rather depressing novella about wealth and the evil it attracts despite those wanting to use it for the greater good.Written in 1944, it was influenced and inspired by a number of sources. The basic plot was adapted from the "Sea of Cortez" an earlier narrative Steinbeck wrote during the spring of 1940, an idyllic period of his life, when he and a friend sailed around the Baja region on the west coast of America. Steinbeck also used his own experiences and opinions in "The Pearl". After the success of "Grapes of Wrath" Steinbeck was subjected to hate mail, FBI scrutiny and slanderous criticism because of the revolutionary way he exposed the harsh reality of the imbalance of wealth in American society. This backlash of fame and fortune sent Steinbeck on a personal quest where he had to come to terms with what being wealthy and famous meant and he realised that he was dissatisfied with the growing dog-eat-dog capitalistic American attitude, the materialism that stemmed from it and as well as the pressure to support a system i.e the American government and society, that oppressed the poor. As a result of his personal questioning in addition to his more simplistic previous attempt, Steinbeck laid the foundation for "the Pearl". Through his story Steinbeck brings to light themes such as the human instinct of greed or selfishness, the corrupting influences of wealth, the advantages the wealthy have over the poor, importance of family or community and fighting for one's dreams."The Pearl" is often seen to be parable-like or allegorical in nature because of the morality underlying the story. However, being allegorical in nature means that the meaning or what Steinbeck is trying to say is often obscure. Some may consider it to be about man's search for values but is more commonly understood as a rejection of materialism. Like most great works of literature, its ambiguity leaves it open to interpretation.Steinbeck presents to the reader the character of Kino, a poor Mexican pearl-diver who finds "the Pearl of the World". The novella is rich with symbolism, the first line being "Kino awakened in the near dark", illustrating the universal naivety of people who assume that finding wealth will erase their problems. Even the pearl alone is symbolic in a myriad of ways. It stands for evil, the evil of Kino's growing greed and the greed of those, who despite being richer than he covet the pearl and attempt to steal it for their own use. In a metaphoric sense, the pearl symbolises the materialistic greed of American society. However, in its beauty and majesty the pearl also symbolises good. It was the potential to help Kino fulfil his dreams of educating his son and marrying his wife in a church. Hence it can be seen as freedom from want. As the story progresses Kino's fall from innocence as he becomes blind to the greed and...

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660 words - 3 pages something. It was the bulwark against starvation". A group known only as the trackers receives the evil and greed that the pearl engenders. This corrupt group of ruffians attacks and destroys Kino's life just for the want of wealth. This results in Kino fleeing with his wife and child into the mountains. By this time the hatred and enmity swells in Kino's blood. He manages to kill his enemies but at the cost of his beloved son Coyotito. This is the cost of evil and greed among those who desire it over anything else.

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814 words - 3 pages realisticdepictions of life, portrays this motif through Kino, the doctor, Coyotito, and the town of LaPaz. John Earnst Steinbeck, author of The Pearl and many other stories, was born onFebruary 27, 1902, in Salinas, California. Both his father, who ran a flour mill, and hismother, a teacher, encouraged him to write once they saw his early interest in literature. Steinbeck began his career by writing articles for his school newspaper and by taking classesat

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994 words - 4 pages In "The Pearl", by John Steinbeck, there are many themes. Two of these are family and evil. They contribute a lot to the book and readers can learn valuable lessons from them.Family plays an important part in the book. In chapter 1, page 1; you have the opening scene of a Kino hearing the song of the family while the family are doing their normal morning routine. The song and the family it represents are protected by Kino because it is all he

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577 words - 2 pages thathe would receive from the pearl. He saw in the pearl that his family wouldhave new clothes. He and Juana could now get married in a church. Kino sawCoyotito having a harpoon, and himself with a new rifle. His son could evenattend school when he grew old enough.People told Keno that the pearl was worthless because it was too big.They offered him a little amount of money for it, which Keno felt was unfair.He decided that he was being ripped off and

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