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A Review Of The Text 'the Other Madonna' By Scot Gardner

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'The Other Madonna' by Scot Gardener is a humerous, yet heartfelt novel that tells the storyof seventeen year old Madonna, who must deal with life, love, and her healing hands. The portrayal of Madonna's life has many similar characteristics to other teenage fiction novels, however, has a magical, fantasy aspect that may alienate some readers who are seeking a traditional teenage story. Ultimately, Gardner creates an intriguing, and unique story.'The Other Madonna' is different to Scot Gardener's other books, in that the story focuses on the story of Madonna "Maddie" O'Dwyer, instead of the male character that usually takes the lead. This book is also written for a younger audience than Gardener's other books, but its contemporary use of slang and dialogue opens it up to a broader audience.At first glance, the reader may be reminded of another teenage fiction book, 'Looking for Alibrandi' by Melina Marchetta, as they both have similar content, a stroy of a seventeen year old girl, going through life, and trying to find themselves. Both books deal with everyday teen issues; sex, drugs, and family problems. However, 'The Other Madonna' has a fantasy aspect added to it, which changes the dynmic of the story. Maddie's healing powers give an idea of another message; the exploitation of someone for personal gain. This theme is more worldly than most found in teenage fiction, and sets 'The Other Madonna' apart from the rest, in a world of its own.'The Other Madonna' centres around Madonna and her family; her alcoholic father 'Tricky', and her older, 'drama queen' of a sister, Evie. Their family's circumstance is disclosed straight away. "I wanted to tell her that Evie's full fo crap. That she treats Dad like an old dog and pokes him with her attitude until he snaps. It's different for me." Madonna has the job of trying to keep her family together without her mother, who died soon after Maddie was born, leaving a black hole of emptiness in Madonna. Colin, her gay best friend, helps to fill that hole. "Colin is a disease, I thought. A very lovable and infectious disease."...

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