A Look At Character Development In Schools

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I chose to research the following five websites that all have to do with incorporating Character Development into schools because I am planning on observing this topic in our classroom report.The first website I researched was Character Counts! Their website, www.charactercounts.org, is dedicated to helping schools incorporate their character development framework based on "The Six Pillars of Character Development" which are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Character Counts! is "a diverse, non-partisan alliance of leading human-service and educational organizations working together to strengthen the character of young people today and safeguard tomorrow for all." There is a wealth of information that can be found throughout this extensive site. For example, you can find information on the Joseph and Edna Josephson Institute of Ethics and it's founder Michael Josephson. Michael Josephson, who is also the president of the Josephson Institute and Character Counts!, named the Institute for his parents after retiring from successful careers in business, law, and education and through this Institute "Mr. Josephson founded Character Counts!, the nation's leading character education system." The Character Counts! Coalition, organized in 1993, is guided by an independent, volunteer Advisory Council. While this website not only introduces people to the Character Counts! Coalition and theory, it also tells you how to introduce Character Counts! to your neighborhood or community. Some of the ways to introduce this to your community include using the "Six Pillars of Character" to frame your existing programs, like the Boys and Girls Club or even a after school program. Also on the website you can find information on the different types of teaching and training seminars given by the Josephson Institute and Character Counts! and how to bring one to you or your community. One aspect of this website that I fully enjoyed was the page devoted to informing you what other people are doing using this program. This page was full of links that brought you to another page that had a story and pictures telling you what other states and cities local CC! activities are. For example when I clicked on Texas I found that in 2001 Lubbock actually held a Character Counts! Week at Westwind Elementary. Some of the activities included a parade, ventriloquist show, and a rainbow day where all students wore colors from the rainbow and even an annual parade "Walk For Character". I believe that anyone involved who care about children and or teens would find this site, and the following four, useful because as they say Children are the future and anyone who cares about the future should care about our children. I think that this website would be help me as a early childhood professional because I believe that this is something that has been lacking in a lot of schools and needs to be brought back. Another tool on this website was a list of...

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