A Review Of Management Techniques And Practices At Wells Fargo Bank

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A Review of Management Techniques and Practices at Wells Fargo Bank

Over the past 150 years, Wells Fargo Bank has become one of the largest financial institutions in the North America. Wells Fargo Bank is much more than a bank. It’s a premium financial service provider. It believes in its people and products to help them to succeed. So how has Wells Fargo become such a leader in the financial world? It measures its success by its management staff and team members. Wells Fargo has developed and implemented its own management structure and answers the following questions regarding existing success:

1. How does the management team contribute to Wells Fargo’s
2. Can managers work to create a fun and stimulating environment?
3. Has wells Fargo management policies proven successful?
4. What are the basic functions and guidelines of management at Wells Fargo?

This review of Wells Fargo management principles focuses on these four questions.

International Business

Wells Fargo provides international banking for several reasons. Wells Fargo Bank has recognized the potential of providing more choices for consumer and business customers.
Wells Fargo believes in the importance of obtaining all of the customers business and strives to provide them with choices. Consumers living in a foreign country can work closely with international personal bankers who have been trained and are available for helping with worldwide needs. Services offered are traditional Wells Fargo products as well as those specifically designed for those living abroad. Wells Fargo also accommodates foreign companies doing business in the United States. There are also many foreign banks and their customers who benefit from what the international business products that Wells Fargo has to offer. Special products have been designed for international business use for both consumer and business customers. Top level executives and store managers collaborate regularly to promote product ideas to help make accommodate any financial needs to the international customers.

Legal, Ethical, and Social Responsibilities

Legal responsibilities at Wells Fargo include a wide variety of issues. They can be from protecting customer’s rights to securing company policy. Customers trust Wells Fargo with private and privileged information. Therefore, the bank must maintain Privacy polices and enforce rules and regulations to protect its customers. Wells Fargo is committed to protecting the security and integrity of customer information through procedures and technology. While the bank does not share information to third parties it does share information within Wells Fargo companies so that subsidiaries may work together to serve the customers needs. Recently these policies have come to include helping customers to protect themselves from fraud and theft.

Wells Fargo Bank has its own personal legal issues to protect. Copyright laws help to protect all of...

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