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A Review Of Sunday Dinner By Caleen Sinnette

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A Review of Sunday Dinner by Caleen Sinnette

Sunday Dinner is a one-act play written by Caleen Sinnette Jennings.
It is a comedy written in 1993. It is set in the Morgan family home.
An elegant old house which stands in what once was a beautiful,
upper-class Black neighbourhood. Inside, the Morgan home has all its
original furnishings, meticulously and loveingly cared for. The living
room where most of the story takes place is a picture of life in
another age. A settee, an overstuffed chair, doilies, an antique table
with framed family pictures on it, ornate lamps, family portraits on
the walls. The room is cluttered, somewhat somber and in need of

Charl (Charlene) Morgan, Nat (Natrelle) Morgan and Ray (Rayette) James
are three African- American sisters who live extremely different
lives. Nat, the eldest, is a teacher who lives for the church and
preserves the family home as a monument to their decreased mother.
Ray, the middle one, is a home maker. She has two toddlers at home,
Ronnie and Paul, and is pregnant again, with an unemployed husband.
Charl, the youngest, is an up and coming TV reporter, living in the
fast lane. She is always out late at night coming in at all hours of
the morning and is mad about aerobics. After a long period of
estrangement, the three come together for Sunday Dinner in their
childhood home. Nat prays, Charl does aerobics, and Ray shows off
pictures of her children, as each test the possibility of

Caleen Sinnette Jennings is a student of William Shakespeare, August
Wilson, Sam Shepard and Lorraine Hansberry. In the early 1970s who,
after years of speech and drama and Shakespeare, sounded 'too white'
to be cast in the roles available for black women at the time decided
that she had had enough rejection and bruising to her ego which
motivated her to start writing her own plays. As she walked away from
a New York theatre, after what was to be her last audition, in early
spring 1975, decided she had to write plays for herself (African
American women.)

If I was to play the part of Ray I would act quite stressed throughout
the play as Ray as a character has a pretty hard life compared to the
other two, trying to do the best for her two toddlers which...

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