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A Review Of The Facts And Figures Of Tourism

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Society and culture refers to the way of life of people, how we live, how we relate to others, our customs and traditions as well as character. However, is this related to tourism? Society and culture greatly influence our way of life and behavior, what we feel comfortable with, how we like to be treated, how we learn in our everyday life, how we treat others, and how we respect and value each other. With all these things put in place, society and culture are what makes traveling exciting and gives the opportunity to see the world, experience other people’s customs and traditions and relate to their environment. In most cases, a community will embrace tourism without realizing the impact it ...view middle of the document...

UNEP (2013) noted the social and cultural impacts of tourism which can result to changes to indigenous identity or values, cultural clashes, social stress, ethical issues, patterns of behavior, lifestyle and the quality of life of inhabitants or local people.
A major reason that sociocultural impacts of festival have tended not to be the focus of research is that they have been regarded as an undesirable by-product of an event (Hall, 1992). This is very much the case when the event leads to crime and poor behavior. There is an evidence in crime and poor behavior at a number of large scale events. For example, Urbanowicz (1977: 89) noted a consequence of the visiting cruise ships to the islands, children begging for food and money from tourists, prostitution at large, quickly earned tourist dollars were often spent in the port towns, thus resulting in increased levels of drunkenness, corruption, child abuse and crime.
Similar finding from UNEP (2013) shows that crime rates typically increase with the growth and urbanization of an area, and growth of mass tourism is often accompanied by increased crime. UNEP (2013) claims the...

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