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A Review Of Wait Until Dark

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A Review of Wait Until Dark

Frederick Knott wrote the classic thriller, Wait Until Dark, in 1964. The cast consists of several colorful and delightful characters, Harry Roat, Mike Talman, SGT Carlino, Jr., Susy Hendrix, Sam Hendrix, and the upstairs neighbor, Gloria. The play is set in a dimly lit, small basement apartment in Greenwich Village.
The leader of the three con men, Harry Roat, encompasses madness and ruthlessness that provokes squirming, white-knuckled fright. Harry veers from calculating one moment to inept and indifferent the next. However, the variety only adds to the character and makes him more believable. Susy, who appears to not be threatened by Rout; instead, seems to be invigorated by him from the beginning and determined to face any challenges that he may present her.
The second con man, Talman, is a complex character, who appears gangster tough, but must impersonate an old friend of Susy's husband. However, he is never called upon to be as unflinchingly tough as he could be, and Susy hardly feels the need for his strength in fending off Harry.
Next, Carlino, who comes across as having all muscle and not many brains, is the follower of the three cons. While Harry and Talman are actively planning, Carlino is in the background awaiting instructions from the two "stronger" characters. At some point during the script, Carlino shows his naiveté as Susy has some fun with him and starts to "con" him.
Arriving in Act I Scene II, Gloria, the sweet little girl from upstairs has the job of going to the store for Susy. Gloria's character adds comedy to what will soon be an intense situation between Susy and the three con men. A little relief is felt as Susy struggles to enforce the house rules upon this unconstrained and stubborn girl.
The plot involves a heroin-filled doll that has found its way into the life, and eventually the apartment, of Susy Hendrix. The people who want the doll, are the wicked Harry Roat and...

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