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A Critique Of Zied’s “Dieting? Why You Should Ditch Diet Soda”

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Obesity rates have skyrocketed. The majority of Americans would most likely express a desire to lose weight. People all over the country have resorted to drinking diet soda, because they believe that it is a healthier option than the full-calorie version of the popular beverage. In her article “Dieting? Why you should Ditch Diet Soda,” author Elisa Zied provides insight on the detriments that Diet Cola might actually cause to one’s health. She denies the popular belief that the beverage will help one to keep off the pounds, and provides a contradictory opinion of the fizzy drink. The argument that Zied presents in her article is factual, and includes research that efficiently supports her ideas.
Zied claims that the reason diet colas are so popular is because they often contain zero, or very few, calories. Larger higher calorie meals can be, in her words, “justifiable,” because of the low calorie beverage that accompanies it. For many people, water is not an option. They think, “Why should I force myself drink a tasteless beverage like water when I could instead enjoy a fizzy flavored drink?” The author claims that caloric intake can be decreased by drinking diet, rather than regular, soda, but evidence does not support its ability to help one to lose weight. Zied’s provides proof to back up this statement—a review from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
The author seems to be sticking true to the fact that diet soda should be avoided, but at the beginning of her third paragraph she contradicts herself. At this point she provides a quote from a registered dietitian saying that diet sodas can, in fact, help one to lose weight. This statement contradicts the idea of the paragraph and even the very title of Zied’s article. The reader is left confused on whether or not diet colas should be avoided. Zied would have benefited from leaving the quote out of her article.
Zied claims that obesity rates have increased profusely because of the amount of diet soda, and artificial sweeteners in general, that people are consuming. She describes a study that concluded that people who consume three daily servings of diet beverages are much more likely to become obese in the next decade than those who don’t. She goes on to say that even people who consume only one serving of diet cola a day are more likely to contract an array of preventable diseases. This leads the reader to believe that diet beverages should be avoided and gives a valid reason why.
In the next paragraph of the article, the author says that diet soda may cause one’s body to be confused...

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