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A Review On African Socialization

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Urbanization is an integral part to the development of a modern culture. Historically, urbanization has helped cement a nation’s international role. Urbanization is usually accompanied by industrialization, which supplies the economic means for the massive influx people to the cities (Philips, 2014, p. 29). The United Nations reports that Africa’s current urbanization rate leads the world (Philips, p. 29). However, African city growth has not been created by a new age of industrialization, but rather by millions seeking refuge from deteriorating rural conditions (Philips, p. 29). With such rapidly rising populations, cities are unable to provide sufficient infrastructure, resulting a ...view middle of the document...

30). Land tenures of the poor must be properly handled in a way that will not negatively affect the poor (Philips, p. 30). A capable political entity must spearhead the project by uniting those within the affected community and the private business sector and orient them towards the goal of reducing slums (Philips, p. 30)
The Nigerian approach to dealing with slums, while quite simple, proves inhumane and ineffective. Recently, Nigerian authorities have bulldozed slums or parts of them (Philips, 2014, p. 30). Nigeria does not recognize slums as cities, and this lack of respect allows a justification for their actions (Philips, p. 30). The World Bank ran a program from 2006 to 2013 that provided external support to halt Nigerian slum growth, but this program was unsuccessful ( Philips, p. 31). The Nigerian attempts serve as an example of an unsuccessful attempt to attack slums. Property tenure of slum inhabitants must be respected, and change must occur within a country, not from an external source (Philips, p. 30).
Rwanda abates slums by providing advancement opportunities in its mid-sized cities (Philips, 2014, p. 31). They provide technical and vocational training that will advance the economy and hopefully one day eradicate the slums (Philips, p. 31) These opportunities encourage migration to the cities that have them discourage migration to the slums. These newly trained people will hopefully build homes that eliminate the slums and strengthen the Rwandan economy (Philips, p. 31). Rwanda’s attack on slums, if successful, will provide an innovative model for...

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