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A Critique On Jinnahs Speech

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Muhammad Ali Jinnah was an adroit and dynamic leader who founded one of the largest sovereign Muslim countries in the world, Pakistan. During the start of the 20th century, he was hopeful of Hindu and Muslim cooperation, so he delivered his December 1917 speech in times of intense colonial oppression, to unite the two parties against the British. With the passage of time, after congress rule in 1937 he realized that no liaison can be created between them and stood firm that the partition of the two nations was inevitable. Hence, in 1947 he released the Muslims of India from the tyranny and slavery of the British and Hindus. “Jinnah is largely responsible for bringing the Moslem League nearer to the Congress.” (Sherwani) This was said by a paramount leader and renowned figure in the Indian politics during the 20th century, Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru, who differed from Jinnah on almost all the political issues. This is exactly what one perceives about Jinnah while reading this speech. Though Jinnah’s repeated use of pathos renders his speech as overly sentimental at times, the speech exhibits coherence in terms of structure and progression of ideas. Jinnah provides facts and data apposite to the issues of the natives, to convince and unite the Hindus and Muslims on logical grounds and uses an evocative tone which makes the article powerful and effective.
The given extract is the concluding part of Jinnah’s speech at the All-India Muslim League session at Calcutta on 12th December 1917. Jinnah sheds light on the prominent wrongs that the British were doing by depriving the natives of their rights and refusing them a say in their government. He tried to awaken a realization among the people, telling them that the present conditions they thrived in were not acceptable and could not satisfy them till their demands were met and inculcated in the reforms. Jinnah made it very clear to all the Hindus and Muslims that in order to be treated equally they need to sacrifice their differences and join hands so as to collectively demand their rights from the British as there were so many negative conflicting elements. He was explicitly concerned about the race distinctions, conspicuous not only in the subcontinent but the statue book itself. He vehemently opposed how the British were accustomed of treating the natives differently while the European in a different manner and believed if a government adhered to such discrimination it could lose its loyalties. He expressed his anger and disdain over the press act and the seditious act as it was highly unfair. He was concerned about the few posts and the advisory role given to the natives and wanted more say in the government. He was cynical of Lord Sydenham for falsely claiming to be the trustee of the masses and delivering an unjustified scheme.
Jinnah ignites the depressing scenario of the subcontinent by the usage of pathos in his speech. He must be trying to instigate a state of emotional awakening in his...

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