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A Review On "Who Moved My Cheese?"

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The Plot:
The book starts with "A Gathering" which is a discussion among group of people who are former classmates. They come to meet at a reunion and they start discussing about their problems when they start to talk about the changes in their lives. Then one of them narrates the cheese story of two mice and two little people.
The story has four characters. Two of them were mice named Sniff and Scurvy and other two were little people named Haw and Hem. All of them used to go into a maze daily in search of cheese which they liked. They used to run through the maze which has many corridors and doors and also some dangerous dark places. One day, little people Hem and ...view middle of the document...

As days go on, haw realizes that "It is safer to search in the maze than remain in the cheese-less situation”. So he moves into the maze in search of new cheese. Though he was afraid, he motivates himself and thinks of his past when they used to search for cheese. He also imagined eating new cheese which he is going to find. This drove him past his fears and he moves on. He finds little bits of cheese here and there which gives him energy to move forward. Haw realizes that "When you see that you can find and Enjoy new cheese, you will change course". He offers some bits to Hem but he rejects. While still in search, he writes a few quotes on the wall which inspires him. One of them was "Smell the cheese often so that you know when it is getting old". He also remembers that the cheese has not gone all of a sudden but it reduced gradually and also that it didn't taste good as days passed on. He continued his search and at after some time around some corner he finds the cheese station N. It was filled with all kinds of new cheese and he had never seen such a huge quantity of cheese before. He also sees mice scurvy and sniff there. He wants to go back to Hem and bring him but he feels that he had done enough to convince him and if he changes his mind his writings on the wall will surely lead him to the station. So he starts enjoying the new cheese and also inspects it daily because of the lesson he had learnt.
The latter part of the story is the discussion in which the group of people shares their own views on what cheese is in their lives and how they got benefited from the story. Some of them say that it meant about their personal life whereas some say that it is their job that is cheese in their in life.
My Perspective about the book:
One main thing which is focused in the book is that accept change. If we don’t accept change in our lives, then we are getting too much accustomed to what we have and this will lead to problems some day because nothing is going to stay on forever. This concept of change reminds of a very famous quote by Charles Darwin that reads,” It is not the strongest or the most intelligent species that survives but the...

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