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A Revised Report On Wicked

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Remembering: The author of Wicked, Gregory Maguire, was born in Albany, New York, in 1954. After receiving a degree in English from the University at Albany, he went on to earn a Ph.D. in English and American Literature from Tufts University. The very popular broadway musical “Wicked” is based on the first book written by Maguire (also called Wicked). He also wrote Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, Lost, Mirror Mirror, and Son of a Witch. Currently, he lives near Boston, Massachusetts, with his family.

Understanding: The only true main character was Elphaba, also known as the Wicked Witch of the West. Arguably, her most unique and defining characteristic was her green ...view middle of the document...

Melena brings forth her mother to help in raising Elphaba.

Even more years later, the focus shifts to a character named Galinda, whose named is foreshadowing-ly mistaken for Glinda by a Goat-professor (who later develops a storyline) while on a train to go to university. Galinda is given the same room as Elphaba at the college (known as Crage Hall) and is not happy with her roommate or her color of her roommate’s skin.

As the two continue roommates live out their college experience, they slowly become friends; Elphaba helps the Goat professor, Doctor Dillamond, with his research concerning the equal rights deserved by sentient, conscious Animals (as opposed to animals). Doctor Dillamond’s research is against the all-powerful Wizard of Oz’s political crusade against Animals. Doctor Dillamond, one day, is murdered by the “tiktok” clockwork servant of the headmaster of Crage Hall, Madame Morrible, who is in cahoots with the Wizard. This shocks the now compatriots Galinda (who begins to go by Glinda), Elphaba, and Elphaba’s sister who had arrived at the college some months earlier, who decide to travel to the Emerald City and seek audience with the Wizard, both to confront him about the murder of Doctor Dillamond and to present his research. The Wizard is not affected by the meeting at all and on their way back to Crage Hall, Elphaba leaves Glinda and her sister, Nessarose, to journey into the unknown.

Yet more years later, Fiyero, a college friend of Elphaba’s, sees Elphaba and meets up with her. Elphaba explains that she is part of a conspiracy and that they cannot meet ever again. Some days later, they meet again, and begin to develop a relationship as lovers, although Fiyero is married, his wife in a more west castle.

On the day that Elphaba is to assassinate an unknown target, who turns out to be Madame Morrible, Fiyero is brutally murdered by the goons of the Wizard. Elphaba, having been unsuccessful, goes to a monastery and begins on a two-year phase of hazy servitude. She departs (two years later) in the direction of Fiyero’s wife, to apologize about his death, bringing with her a child, quite probably the offspring of Fiyero and Elphaba.

Eventually, she arrives at the castle where Fiyero’s wife, and her five sisters and three children, reside. Elphaba tries to explain Fiyero’s death, but his widowed wife does not let Elphaba tell her story. Nessarose, Elphaba’s sister, becomes the head of state of the seceded Munchkinland, and Elphaba goes to visit. When she returns, she discovers that everybody except her son and her pet monkey had been kidnapped by some of the Wizard’s goons. Later, when she goes to visit her sister again, she meets the Wizard and attempts to negotiate their release, only to find that they are all dead.

Elphaba returns to the castle, and eventually learns of her sister’s death, by way...

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