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A Rhetorical Analysis Of “A Plea For Caution From Russia”

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David HenleyJennifer TaylorEnglish 2030September 10, 2014A Rhetorical Analysis of "A Plea for Caution From Russia"On September 11, 2013, Vladimir Putin presented his viewpoint concerning the United States involvement with the country of Syria in the form of an article, respectfully titled, "A Plea for Caution From Russia." The opinion piece, which was submitted to The New York Times, makes an attempt to address the actions of the United States. Putin meticulously creates his argument by utilizing three fundamental methods of persuasion; these three methods incorporate ethos, pathos, and logos. Putin's proficiency to include these methods when directing the citizens of American is impeccable. He demonstrates his understanding and compassion towards his audience with an unyielding sense of determination to inform of the operations taken by the American military to prevent a global cataclysm.To create a relationship with his audience, without hesitation Putin addresses the matter at hand and constructs logical appeals by referencing historical events. He accomplishes this by acknowledging existing bloodshed like the "Cold War" and "Nazi Germany," which came to and ended due to cooperation (Putin, APFCFR). This statement denotes the United States as a strength of force in international events. Putin then raises the establishment of the United Nations, which was brought to order to address and avert "international conflicts"(Putin,APFCFR). He then veers the audience's outlook towards an international perspective rather than a national one. From current issues occurring in "North Africa," to preceding conflicts such as the "Iranian Nuclear Problem," to the dissolve of the "League of Nations," and the establishment of the "United Nations." All these situations advocate an appreciation that history has been constructed by various countries' contact with each other, not just any singular country behaving towards its volition (Putin, APFCFR). By providing instances to where conflicts were solved due to cooperation among countries, and raising the establishment of the United Nations. Putin's logic not only proves that acting alone could end in disaster, but it also shows the United States act of individuality as a lack of respect towards the ethical values that the United Nations promotes. With his last statement, Putin not only appealed to his audience in an ethical aspect, but he also exposes the American people to the probable outcomes due to their activity.To reach the hearts of his...

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