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A Right And A Wrong Way To Love

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“The Times They Are a-Changin”, who would have this popular folk song from the 1960’s by Bob Dylan, would still hold profound meaning in this day and age. It seems that everywhere you go or look on the television, there is a big debate between young and old on issues that are affecting their lives. And one of these big topics is same-sex marriage. When I was younger it seemed that most people seemed to agree with the opinion that couples of the same sex had no business getting married. But with most issues in my generation, such as views on interracial dating and immigration, those opinions are changing. What has prevented me from changing my opinion like everybody else on homosexuality has been due to the impediments that have been implanted in me from numerous influences. Impediments, as defined by Nosich, . These impediments have prevented me from critically thinking, or to logically think through, about this subject and fully realize the effect of same-sex marriage being legal in the LGBT community and whether or not I fully support it or am against it whole-heartedly.
Have you ever been on a diet to stay away from junk food and stick to healthy foods only? While there are some people who are strong in their conviction to stick to their diet, there are some others who get that certain impulse to bite into temptation and delve into a decadent bite of chocolate. That is what I always thought about homosexuality, an urge weak-willed people get to bite into something that they know is not right for them but cave into the desire. Comparing homosexuality to chocolate may sound insensitive to many people in today’s politically correct atmosphere, but that was the way I was brought up, to see homosexuality as immoral. As with most teenagers, when I got older I began to have conflicting views on the topics me and my parents, especially my mom, talked about and I wondered if the things she said were right. And one of the main topics I had those conflicting views about was whether or not same-sex couples have the right to be happy and get married. My...

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