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Being skeptical about this type of movie is normal, however, keep an open mind. It tells the story of two children growing up in rural Montana with a strict Minister father. Their father not only taught them the word of God and to put all their faith in their religion, but he also taught them to fly fish. Several times it is mentioned that the line between God and fly fishing was usually blurred or hard to find. Norman Maclean is the eldest son, he also appears to be the protagonist. The movie is in his point of view with an older version of himself providing voice overs as he reflects. The story starts when Norman and his younger brother Paul were children, but it spends most of the time ...view middle of the document...

An attitude that later costs him his life. Rev. Maclean is never elaborated on, but from what you do see he appears to have the normal parent struggles of life. His conflict consists of raising children and then allowing them to go off and become the people they want to be all while trying to help guide them and hope they make the best decisions. Despite what the conflicts were it has to flow with the storyline. The plot for this movie is much like the steady flow of the river. Sometimes it was slow and boring, other times it was rapid and unpredictable.
Character portrayal is another key element of a good drama. A bad actor in a good role can ruin the entire thing. Luckily for this movie this is not the case. Brad Pitt plays Paul Maclean and he finds a way to really sell the role. The rebellious little brother that seems to have never really heard the word no from anyone, except maybe his father. The chemistry that Craig Sheffer (Norman) and Brad Pitt have bring a very genuine feel to the movie that makes you think they might actually be brothers. Having good actors is a plus, but unless the screenplay is well written the actors would not be able to shine. When writing a screenplay, especially, for a drama you have to have some type of comic relief. It may not be a requirement, but an audience will find it easier to relate to a movie that makes them smile and cry. This movie is fairly good at giving you a laugh here and there. Most of the funny comes from Paul, which makes sense with character, but there are few moments where another character gets a good quip...

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