A Role Model That Has Shaped And Developed My Life, Morals, And Values

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English 11 HonorsPersonal EssayEvery person has a role model that they look up to. This person is a vital part of their life and shapes them as a person and develops their morals and values. For me, this person is my grandmother, Helena Fenton.My grandma is a huge part of my life. I know I can always look to her for guidance, respect, and knowledge. She has always been there for me when I've needed her most. I can confide stuff to her that I can't tell my parents or friends. She talks to me about my problems and helps me work through them and always gives me good advice. She has experienced so much in her life that it seems she always has an answer for everything because she's gone through something similar.I also look up to my grandma as a role model because of who she is as a person. She devotes her whole life to other people. When she was young, she raised her siblings after her parents died when she was only 17. This taught her responsibility and made her basically give up the rest of her childhood to become the primary care giver and guardian of her own siblings. During the war, she became a nurse to help the wounded and dying. Then, she had a family of her own and when my grandpa got sick, took care of her children and her own husband. When my grandpa was dying she told me that she wanted me to do more with my life then she ever has. I told her she was ridiculous, because what she does in her life is just as important as a person with a career or money. It's better to help other people and do as much as are within your means to help others then to devote your life to the advancement of yourself.Later on in life, she now gives everything she has to her family. She spends as much time as possible with me, my nephews and nieces, my brothers, and my parents. She also devotes the rest of her life to church and helping...

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