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A Room Of 12 Angry Men

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Twelve men are put in a room to decide the fate of a boy on trial. Did he commit murder? Or didn’t he? At first none of the men seem to care about the boy. He grew up in the slums, had a criminal record, and was always in trouble. Every one of the men had someplace they needed to go and just wanted to get it over with, especially juror number seven, a baseball fan who was going to miss his baseball game. They took a vote, and as expected, everyone voted guilty. It was an open and shut case. All the evidence was there. It was clear the boy committed the crime. Now everyone could go home, but, wait, there was one person whose vote did not match the others. One person cared. One person saw ...view middle of the document...

And then, while before he was just trying to force everyone to talk about it, his logic began to make sense, and so, he actually began to defend the boy. He truly started to believe the boy was innocent, which put the rest of the jurors in an uproar.
Juror one took charge when it was time to vote, but let everyone else dispute the points. He was a football coach. Juror two was unobtrusive, tried to see reason, and believed everyone should have a chance to talk. Juror three was too set on old ways and seemed to have his own reasons for saying the boy was guilty that had nothing to do with the case. His son was a lot like the boy, and had run away from him years ago. Juror four was dead set on the fact that a woman saw the murder take place, and believed her testimony, even though it was dark and she was on a moving train. Juror six was quiet and content to let everyone else fight and argue about it. He was a follower, but stepped in when someone was being rude. Juror seven was impatient, stereotypical, and immature. He didn’t care at all. He just wanted to make it to his baseball game. Though he was a loud mouth and seemed to be a leader, he was actually a follower and would just vote with the majority. Juror nine was originally a follower and stood behind jurors three and four. Juror ten was rich and extremely stereotypical of people who lived in slums. He believed they were all ruthless and all deserved to die. Juror eleven was analytical, took notes, and saw all sides. Juror twelve was nervous and uncertain and didn’t want to be there. He was content to doodle in his notebook and caved in under pressure.

Juror eight realized it was impossible for him to win if he stood alone and called for another vote, hoping against hope that someone would vote with him. Everyone was stunned when juror nine, who was initially a follower, voted not guilty. He refuted everyone’s irritated shouts and stood up for himself and juror eight. As juror eight and nine continued to discuss the point of the boy more people joined their side, starting with juror five, who, as it turned out, grew up in the slums just like the boy. He took the knife and demonstrated how the boy would have held it underhand instead of overhand, thus proving that the boy could not be the killer. They raised the point that there was an old man a few floors above the crime scene who...

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