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A Rose For Charlie Essay

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Buddha once said, “We are shaped by our thoughts, we become

what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” (http:// Buddha used this phrase to teach that what you think and what you hear

becomes what you believe and what you turn into. For Charlie Howard, a 23 year old

homosexual, this phrase was the reason of his death. He was murdered by “homophobes” or

people who have a strange and irrational hatred towards homosexuals. The idea of peace and

justice was never really set in stone for our society. Ronnie Harris, a three year old who was

beaten by his Father, in fear that he would turn out to be gay. Gary Matson and ...view middle of the document...

Charlie had left the party around ten at night with his friend, Roy, to

check his post box. As Charlie and Roy were walking he noticed a car slowing down towards

him. His three attackers: Jim Baines, Daniel Ness, and Shawn Mabry jumped out of the car and

started running causing Charlie and Roy to run, however Charlie fell by tripping on the curb and

couldn’t catch his breath due to his asthma. The boys quickly grabbed him and threw him over

the bridge into the dark water. His friend Roy had already made it to the end of the bridge and

there was no chance of saving Charlie. Charlie’s short and tragic life ended that night but left a

legacy of thought to the oncoming generation.

Charlie’s three attackers had said that they only meant to “teach him a lesson” (A

Rose for Charlie). It ended up taking a life, and that is the highest price to pay. Charlie had never

felt safe in his whole entire 23 years of life and most would believe that there was something

morally wrong about that. One of the attackers, Daniel Ness, turned himself in the next morning

after Charlie’s murder. Daniel Ness was pressured into attacking Charlie, because if he hadn’t his

friends would have harassed him for not doing so. Peer pressure can affect a whole sum of your

life and the fear of not being accepted is something every teenager has. When you say no to an

act, you automatically get judged and are told, “You’re not cool enough.” Or “You’re a wimp.”

There are so many things to be said about that. Society should not judge you for your decisions

yet Charlie was judged infinitely for his.


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