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A Rose Lost Essay

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“Here was a woman who has had a tragedy, a tragedy and nothing could be done about it, and I pitied her and this was a salute ... to a woman you would hand a rose” (Outón 63), this is how William Faulkner is quoted when explaining the meaning for the title of his short story, “A Rose for Emily.” In his short story, Faulkner summarizes the life of a forsaken woman, whom, while heavily respected by her town, is also quite pitied. Faulkner works to give the reader a sense of empathy towards his character while he describes the tragedy that is her life. Emily Grierson, is eventually found to not be the only victim of the story, though, as her faults are exposed. In spite of her disturbing ...view middle of the document...

Throughout the story it becomes evident that Emily is viewed as a hermit by the townspeople, as they are able to practically count the amount of times they see her venture out of her home (Faulkner 98). The narrator in “A Rose for Emily” introduces the townspeople’s perspective of Emily to the reader when speaking of her funeral, “[w]hen Mrs. Emily Grierson died, our whole town went to her funeral: the men through a sort of respectful affection for a fallen monument, the women mostly out of curiosity to see the inside of her house…” (Faulkner 95). Because Emily never shows her face, the town is curious about her, wondering what she could possibly be doing while sitting in her home for years at a time. Emily is depicted by the town as companionless and eccentric. Consequently, the reader is left feeling sympathetic to Emily Grierson because in spite of her highly respected social status, she is never truly able to fit in with the town of Jefferson. In short, the Canadian Social Science article entitled, “Analysis of the Changing Portraits in ‘A Rose for Emily,’” more simply demonstrates how the people of Jefferson viewed Miss Emily Grierson in the following quote, “[f]or the townspeople, she was very proud, odd and mysterious. No one knew how her life was exactly like,” (Qun 67). The townspeople’s perspective of Emily leads into the revealing of the true character of Emily Grierson, as she is fully exposed at the end of the story.
“A thin, acrid pall as if the tomb seemed to lie everywhere upon this room decked and furnished as for bridal” (Faulkner 102), this is how the mysterious room in Emily Grierson’s house is described as her secrets are discovered. Faulkner then proceeds to shock the reader, completely shattering all impressions the reader previously gained of lonely, innocent Emily Grierson. Emily’s character...

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