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A Royal Catfight: The Battle Between Queen Elizabeth I And Queen Mary Stuart

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On the popular television series Game of Thrones, Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen (Queen of the Dothraki clan) proclaimed, “I will do what queens do. I will rule” (Game of Thrones Season 4 Quote). That was particulary so during 16th and 17th century Europe, which was the time of rule by Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland and Queen Elizabeth I. Both queens brought forth a time of political and religious change to the United Kingdom, which aided in the increase and influence of each family’s powers atop the English, Scottish and French throne. Though both women were of the same Tudor family, they were drastically different in their attitudes towards their ruling their countries.
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With the difference of religions, Mary learned to accept the Protestant government and ruled with leniency (“More Information About: Mary, Queen of Scots”).
Upon the death of her first husband and arrival to Scotland, the young Queen Mary married her cousin, Lord Darnley. Unfortunately, he was not favored with the people of Scotland either (“Mary, Queen of Scots”). While Mary and Lord Darnley were married, Mary had a secretary named David Rizzio, an Italian. Lord Darnley became jealous of Rizzio because Mary spent more time with Rizzio and himself. This angered him to the point of murdering Rizzio in front of Mary, who was pregnant with Lord Darnley’s child. It was obvious that Scotland during the 16th Century was a dangerous place, especially among nobles like Queen Mary Stuart and Lord Darnley. This went on to Lord Darnley’s death where he was strangled in a house that was later blown up (“Mary Queen of Scots”). Months after her second husband’s death, Queen Mary married her third husband, the Earl of Bothwell, who was suspected to have participated in the heist to murder Lord Darnley. This angered the Scots even more, thus leading to the Earl’s exile and Mary’s flee to England.
In her marriage to Lord Darnley, Queen Mary produced an heir to the throne, James. Like his mother, he was a baby when crowned King of the Scots. This happened after his mother’s abdication of the Scottish throne. He became King James VI of Scotland and later on, King James I of England. James was her only son, making him fit to the Scottish throne, by the Stuart succession, and the English throne, by Tudor succession. James ruled over both England and Scotland after Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Mary Stuart’s cousin and James’s aunt (“James VI and I (r. 1567-1625)”).
As a queen, Mary did not bring many changes to Scotland and its rule. She did unite and strengthen the relationship between Scotland with France for a time by marrying Francis and becoming Queen of France and Scotland. However, the unity of Scotland and France did not last too long because of Francis’s sudden death. With the death of her beloved Francis, along with the death of her mother and father-in-law shortly before her husband’s, loss flogged the mind of Queen Mary Stuart. The Queen of Scots must have been in a melancholy state (“Mary Queen of Scots”). It could have been the reason she did not do much as a queen, as it is evident that she could not recover from that period in her life by her marriages and poor decisions made.
As Queen Mary of Scots ruled over Scotland, Queen Elizabeth I took care of England. Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. At a young age, her mother was beheaded for adultery, and Elizabeth was exiled from English court (“More Information About: Elizabeth I”). Luckily, Henry’s sixth wife, Catherine Parr, took care of Elizabeth, making sure she had a proper education. Growing up, Elizabeth was a Protestant. Because of this religious...

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