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A Scholarship Entry Essay

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As a young lady graduating from The Dalles Whatonka High School I think it’s important to be involved in as many activity’s as possible. Throughout my high school years I have been involved in many school activities and comities such as student government. I have always had an interest in athletics and played sports. These leadership and athletic roles have tough me skills that will last me a lifetime.
As senior class president I get to participate in the leadership class. Being in leadership allows me to work with other students that are involved in the student body in working to help our school and community. In leadership we play a big part in planning school events throughout the year. I have helped plan assembly’s that are planned to boost our school spirit and assembly that are planned to inform our student about recent issues or events. Being about of leadership I have got that chance to be a part of planning school activities such as dances, after school activities, and a noise parade. Leadership has taught me communication skills, responsibility, and develop management skills. Leadership is a class that uses a lot of time out of school. I can often be found running to stores and venues to make sure I keep students at The Dalles Wahtonka are satisfied. I’m glad I decided to take the role of being class president because I have got the opportunity to make an impact on our school and community.
Besides being involved in leadership I have also been involved in sports throughout high school. I started playing sports at a young age and was involved in almost every sport The Dalles had to offer. This spring will me my third year on the girls varsity tennis team. During the season I practice with the team, and on off seasons I have a few tennis lessons every week to make...

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