A School Group, A Small Aeroplane, And A Bit Of Pain.

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A gleaming grin from the doorman greeted us as we moved towards the glass pane doors of the hotel. His bright smile contrasted with his young, coffee coloured skin in a way that made our group long to stay for another night. Our group included an assortment of school-girls and teachers. We were a diverse band of twenty-one Aussies gathered in the lobby, chattering tunefully amongst ourselves about the magnificent expedition we had endured a little under three days earlier. Staying at the Radisson Hotel was complete bliss for all of us; our previous accommodation vastly differed from this wondrous Earthly version of Heaven. We had returned from a fourteen-day hike of the famous Annapurna ...view middle of the document...

This was such a waste-filled city but its united sense of culture was both endearing and admirable.

Our electrifying bus ride ended at the Kathmandu airport where we unloaded and pushed our squeaky trolleys towards the main entrance. Mangy stray dogs wandered around us while taxi drivers persisted in taking our bags and offering us rides. After much commotion and dubious Nepalese security checks, we made it through to the waiting area. Some girls drifted over to the souvenir stalls with wallets in hand, while others chose to brave the “toilets”. I took to one of the plastic chairs leaving my backpack between my legs, elbows resting on my knees with my face in my hands. I was a victim of travel sickness and the rough bus ride had left my stomach upturned with nauseous aches running down my neck. Unfortunately this was a normal sensation that I had come accustomed to over the years and decided not tell anyone about it, the plane ride was only twenty minutes anyway. Soon enough our flight to Phaplu was announced and we regrouped and directed ourselves to the double-doors leading to the airstrip.

The airhostess squeezed through the aisle of the tiny plane, offering us mints as she went. I quickly surveyed the inside of the plane and turned my attention to my new friend Georgia whose eyes had suddenly become very wide and anxious. There was only a thin piece of wooden board separating us from the pilots and a girl later swore she saw one of them reading the instruction manual. I tried to reassure Georgia, “It’s going to be okay… We’re going to be fine”, but tears had already started rolling down her lightly freckled face. The plane was moving towards the runway and frightened looks plastered the...

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