A School Without Discrimination And Prejudice

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School X is a school where prejudice is not an issue. Many factors contribute to School X's lack of prejudice, including compulsory uniforms, strict teacher enforcement, Catholicism and Canada?s multiculturalism. Even globally, society is becoming more accepting of different cultures. Although numerous people have the belief that many schools in the district suffer from discrimination, School X remains a school renowned for its acceptance. Aside from the very infrequent incident, School X sustains its angelic image of acceptance.
The main reason for School X's lack of prejudice is because of the moral beliefs Catholicism instills in School X's students. The Catholic faith is deeply rooted in the concept of lenience and tolerance within society. The constant reiteration of this notion has been etched into the minds of the students at School X. In addition, things such as obligatory religion courses, Masses, and gatherings such as the ?Prayer Club,? all play their role in illustrating to the students how imperative acceptance is within society. Consequently, Catholicism and the many events that are coupled with it have helped to rid School X of discrimination.
Equally important to developing a school that is free from prejudice is the mandatory uniforms and the strict teacher enforcement. The constant enforcement of the faculty, coupled with strict penalties for discriminators, alleviate the problem of discrimination. The teacher enforcement and the penalties that offenders will endure have detered students from committing an act of discrimination. However, even more crucial to ensuring School X is clear from bigotry are the obligatory uniforms that all of the students wear. Since many problems arise from ?Classism,? which is the judging of an individual based on wealth and material possessions, School X has taken action. School X has implemented the uniforms to guarantee that no disputes based on attire arise. ...

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