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A Scrap Of Time Essay

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A Scrap of Time is an eye-opening novel about life in Poland during World War II. It is based on true experiences that tells the heart-wrenching stories of many Jewish people. These stories are only few of many that are still waiting to be told."A Dog" disheartened me and brought tears to my eyes. Ching was a mix bread dog who was very loyal to his Jewish owners, but he also adored the housemaid, Agata. Ching's family was forced into the ghetto, but managed to escape. Agata hid them in a small shelter at her new country home. The SS soldiers were searching for the family and came upon their dog. They said, "Go find your owners." Ching would not budge; he wouldn't betray his loyalty to his family. This enraged the SS officer, so he found Ching a few days later and hung him in Agata's front yard. The officer's excuse was the Jewish dogs even sicken him. Ching died a hero and with honor (even though he was a dog). He died for the sake of his owner's lives. "The Shelter" was a compelling piece of writing, which proved the power of a helping hand. It told the tale of a Jewish man and woman, who were hidden in a Gentile home. They were confined to one tiny room behind a wall. The ironic twist to this situation was the Gentile family also was quartering Nazi soldiers. They survived with Nazis, literally, breathing down their necks. The Gentile family risked everything, including their lives, to help this couple. They wouldn't let evil overcome their morals. Many times when parents knew the Nazis were coming, they hid their children or tried to the best they could by hiding them. In "A Spring Morning" a family of three (a mom, dad and a 5 year-old daughter) waited patiently for the SS men to capture them and send them to die. When the Nazis came to their home, they went in peace. The father could not bear to see his child loose her life at five, so instead of insisting that she walk with them, he set her in a congregation of Church-goers. As the child was diligently running away, the father heard a single shot, and soon found his dead child lying in the street. The father was forced to carry his dead daughter all the way to the fields where he faced his murder. Parents also prepared their children for what may come. In "The Key Game", the parents of a three year-old boy teach him what to do if the SS men were to knock on the door when his mother is away at work. He was to take lots of time to find the keys to open the front door, so his Jewish father could hide under the bathtub. The child was forced to say (if asked) that his father was dead. Children of the Holocaust didn't have the right to live because they were not necessary for the war efforts, so they were put to death. In "Traces" a Holocaust survivor tells the story of the eight children that were murdered in "the butcher shop ghetto". She recalls the children being brought down from the Judenrat's attic, where they...

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