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A Second Look At First Impressions

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A Second Look at First Impressions
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is a common mantra from parents, professional coaches, and other mentors. First impressions are formed based upon analysis of the person’s behaviors and traits, often using our own values and beliefs as a gauge. Once formed, first impressions may be difficult to change. My first impressions of John painted him in a specific light. Upon reversal and reflection I was challenged to look beyond my initial findings and seek a deeper understanding. The same situations may happen in the relationship between leaders and followers. What if we took the time to take a second look at our first impression? ...view middle of the document...

It would be unwise for a leader to move assume basic needs are met outside of the workplace and progress swiftly to focus on the metaneeds, including cognitive, aesthetic, self-actualization, and self-transcendence (Clark, 2014). Understanding the follower’s and position on Maslow’s hierarchy will help the leader adjust to the needs and style of the follower. This will help the leader gain trust from the follower and provide a safe environment, thereby influencing the morality impression of the follower.
Reading the Passages
First impressions can be formed based upon circumstances outside of the subject’s control. When I read the passages for the first time in top down order, I focused on reading for comprehension. I noticed the titles of Extrovert and Introvert and approached the text with those character traits in mind. Only after reading the follow-up questions and challenging my perspective to read in reverse did I pause to think about the situations surrounding John in the passages.
Initial Reading
Initially, I imagined extroverted John as outgoing and vivacious. He struck up a conversation easily with each of the four people he passed. Additionally, John exudes joy as he basked walking in the sun-filled street. John seems to have a lot of friends, a happy outlook, and would be fun to be around. Introverted John is dispirited and socially anxious. Being alone, taking the long way home, and avoiding the sunny side of the street lead me to believe John did not have friends and was unhappy with his life. Additionally, though John recognizes people, including the pretty girl he recently met, he does not talk to them. Depressed and alone, John goes home at the end of his day.
Reversal Reading
Reading in reverse order initially did not change my opinion of John. After rereading the passages several times I was able to challenge myself to think in new directions and build a broader...

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